Frequently Asked Questions
Updated 29 September 2021
What is Online Auctions and Who is Online Auctions SG?

Online auctions are sales transactions that result from a competitive bidding process conducted over the Internet. Online Auctions SG is fully owned and managed by Cash Converters Singapore.
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Who is Cash Converters?

Cash Converters is the world's largest second hand dealer and the leading retailer in Buying and Selling of second-hand items in Singapore. Currently there are 5 stores around Singapore.
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What makes Online Auctions SG different from other auction sites?

Online Auctions SG is the only auction site that you pay only what you bid, No Buyer's Premium, and GST is Absorb.

How to join auction?

Just click Register and fill-up the form, we only require a few important information. Make sure to use a valid email account and mobile number, an activation link will be sent through SMS after a successful registration.

Why do I need to provide my mobile number when registering?

Account activation link will be sent through SMS. Also when logging in, for a more secure access, a One-Time-Password or OTP is sent through SMS.

Why do I need to provide my email account when registering?

To log in, an email account is required. Also, all notifications will be sent through email. Please make sure to use an active email account.

Can I view the item before I bid and where?

Yes, we do encourage all bidders to visit our lots store location to have a better look and feel of the items and to see the actual condition. Items are sold in the condition they are in at the time of the sale on an 'As Is Where Is' basis.

How would I know if I win the auction?

The successful bidder will receive an email sold notification. Also in the Account menu, see Placed Bids and see the label "YOU WIN", and in Purchase, lots are listed for payment.

What are the payment methods accepted?

For online payment we only accept PayNow. For more payment options, you can visit our lot locations to process the payment. Our stores accept Cash, Nets, Visa Master Debit/Credit Card payments.

Why the cashier asks for IC?

We are following the requirements set by the MAS "Monetary Authority of Singapore" and MINLAW "Ministry of Law" for second-hand dealers.

Can I do payment in one store even if purchase lots are located at different Cash Converters stores?

No, you will need to do your payment where the lots are located. For convenience, pay your purchase in full thru online with PayNow and select your preferred Cash Converters store for collection. Please allow 3 to 5 days for us to make the transfer. The transfer is absolutely FREE of charge.

Why can't I click the "Pay Online with PayNow" button?

The button will be enabled only when all lots has ended.

How long does it take for PayNow payment to be processed?

PayNow payments will be confirmed during the office working hours (Mon-Fri 9:30AM to 5:00PM). An email notification will be sent to confirm the receipt of payment.

How to pay with PayNow?

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When is the last day to settle the payment?

Payment needs to be settled within 3 days from the date the auction has ended. Normally last payment day falls on wednesday.

Can I purchase the item at the store?

Yes, but only after the auction has ended and the item has no bid. Unsold items will be put back to sell at the actual retail price.

How does a bidder account get blocked?

A bidder account gets blocked if there is a breach of the auction's terms and conditions. Once a bidder account is blocked, he/she will be banned from joining future auctions.